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Tobax (RU)

2019 began with the announcement of his Eatbrain EP followed by bookings across Europe to include again the legendary DnB Festival Let It Roll held in the Czech Republic. His previous year in the industry is why dnb lovers across the world know the name TOBAX.

2018 was a colossal year for Cause4Concern – their stream of releases have been relentless, as they build a path to yet more success for the coming club season. The imprint has pushed through massively influential artists, although this can only be expected from a duo who have their own formative identities within the drum & bass world. The production group, having each honed their explosive talents individually, set up Cause4Concern to give the scene’s foundations a more elevated level, especially for those artists whose art falls on the darker side of the spectrum. This is something they’ve readily achieved throughout its exceptional rise to power and music released on Cause4Concern has been the pinnacle of many drum & bass sets across the globe.

The forthcoming single from Russian stalwart Tobax is no different. It’s another look into just how destructive Cause4Concern’s authority is amongst their undeniably huge roster of producers. Whether it’s Tobax or another musician who’s added their commanding sonics to the label’s back catalogue, the label has committed itself to only releasing the most cutting edge music.

The first part of Tobax’s new single is ‘Sacrifice’, featuring the vocal lyricism of Lifesize MC. He brings his cutting lyrics and undeterred battle cries through Tobax’s effortlessly complex layers of composition; it’s a track that begins with a bite, a stance it continues right through to its end. The mix becomes weightier as you’re taken along for the ride on top of a bassline that zips and distorts with each punching pad. The drums add a cutting edge which peaks through the record as it becomes more obtrusive once it’s detonated. ‘The Punishment’ is just as heavy in its breakdowns, with percussion that rattles along with its driving momentum. It’s impossible not to become fixated by the raw nerves created by each track offered up by Tobax. They command your full attention and this is certainly granted throughout their raucous energy.

Prepare to be locked into the world of Tobax. Another cog within the thriving Russian scene, he’s not afraid to get his hands dirty, whether that’s in the studio or behind the decks.

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