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Updated: Mar 12

Recently formed as a creative team, T3MPL is a collabroative liquid DnB trio consisting of 3 accomplished artists in their own right; R-Flyer (DJ/Producer) Lifesize MC (MC/Rapper/Vocalist), Marina Laduda (Vocalist). The brainchild of the operation is Empire's very own co-founder (Giles Refoy) aka Lifesize MC.

So what started this?

Both Lifesize MC and R-Flyer are members of Drumbassterds which is where they met. They both have a passion for Liquid DnB, as both attest to having a love for melodies and warm basslines. Prior to T3MPL coming into existence the pair worked on NeuroFunk tracks released on Empire and consequently spent more time in the lab together which is where the idea of a liquid project was conceived.

Lifesize MC met Marina, whilst looking for a vocalist for his upcoming HipHop LP. Following that introduction Marina attended Unbeatable Records in Prague to record vocals and it was at this point that T3MPL began to come into existence.

When we asked Lifesize MC about Marina he had the following to say;

'Marina is a truly talented vocalist who is versatile in covering different styles and who is able to improvise with a seconds notice and has a real feel for music. It was when I heard her in the vocal booth I knew that the liquid idea Filip and I had been working on would now be complete, I was just hoping she would say yes to coming on board'.

Fast forward nearly a year and the trio have their first release on Empire Recordings which is out now.

We hope you have enjoyed getting to know a little bit of how this trio from the Czech Republic came into being and we hope you enjoy their debut double single: Fly with me/Thoughts

Stream/Buy/Download: Click Here

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