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Get To Know Fragz......

Fragz a well known name in the Drum & Bass Scene, recently joined the Empire DNB Booking Agency, so we thought it a great idea for DNB fans and lovers world wide to get to know a little bit more about him.

Welcome and thank you for taking the time to speak with us about your new Label, Releases and new direction in Drum and Bass.

So I know that up until recently Fragz was know for the harder, darker techy side of DnB, but that was then and this is now, so earlier this year you joined the Empire Booking Agency which I guess is where the first step away from the darker dnb started, so for dnb heads everywhere why the change of direction and what can dnb fans worldwide expect from you for the future?

Well this wasn't something that I thought much of, it was just natural to me. Some of my older followers, I mean, like 10 years ago, know that I've always been into most of the subgenres DNB can offer, and actually my first releases were neurofunk/techstep, but at this point of my carreer, I wasn't feeling the harder stuff anymore and also felt like there was nothing new to do there. I guess every artist needs inspiration and fun somehow, and I was getting none of that. Tho I've been focusing on the technical side of things these last couple of years, I'm finally having loads of fun making music again!

You have recently launched a new label, what is the name of the label?

Yes I did, alongside my friend and music partner Blast. The label is called Surveillance Music (SRVLNC)

What style or DNB can fans expect to hear on the label?

That's a tricky one. Well, we are definitely trying to create our sound and our own vision of what drum and bass is for us. Personally, I don't think it would make sense to make a new label while doing exactly the same thing as many others do, that's where our vision comes from. I kind of hate labeling things and insert them into categories, but yeah, this will be a Deep/Neurofunk label, with our own twist!

When is the first release?

The first release is set to early July. It's entering the promo stage as we speak, probably

Will the first release be a solo project?

No, it won't. This will be a VA. We won't be making lots of these, just for special occasions, but we felt like this was the best way to showcase people the types of sounds they will get from our imprint.

What artists can we expect to see on the EP?

All these artists are our friends and people we really believe in, and that's also one of the cornerstones of our label, we will only work with people we know and feel inspired by their music. For this one we'll have Mean Teeth, Vowel, Volatile Cycle and Screamarts.

What are your future plans with the Surveillance?

Keep growing in every aspect. We will kick things off with an event, soon to be announced, and later start collaborating with people with the same state of mind and basicly put out music we love and believe in.

Quick Fire Questions:

• Where did the name Fragz come from?

BIG fps fan plus my family name FRAGoso = Fragz (I added the z just to be cooler ahah)

• Nightclub or Festival? Drum and Bass? Nightclub 100%

• A thousand tracks per minute or no rush? No rush.

• Top 5 Tracks?

At the moment: -Vowel & Mason - Sentient -Volatile Cycle & Cruk - Bindipper -Disprove - Stratos -Screamarts - Tribes -Signal & Sinergy - In Black

• MC on a Set Yes or No? Depends

• Favourite Pre show food? A good burger

So there we have it, a better incite into the artists FRAGZ.

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