Myselor (GR)

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In November 2011, he first appeared in d&b scene, suggested by the NeurofunkGrid channel with the track “Nightmare” and started working as a DJ in underground parties in Athens.

In March 2012, he released his first EP ''Alive'' by Mindtech Recording which was supported by Dementia, Rregula, Axi, Mefjus, Disphonia, Redject, Optiv, BTK, Octane & DLR, EBK and DJ Billion. In April, he continues with “Neurolife” EP by Caliber Music, including tracks such as “Neurolife” and “It Don't Mean A Thing” which made it to the top 10 of Beatport in the category of Glitch Hop for three months and takes a big support from many Glitch Hop artists, Koan Sound, JPOD and many others! In August, “Vibes” EP was released by Ammunition Recordings. In October, “The Last Melody/Perceive” EP by Future Funk Music, the “Nightmare” by Nocid Business and track “To Chase” in “Mind Technologies.Vol. 1” collection by Mindtech Recordings. In December, the track “It Don't Mean A Thing” gets included in “Let's Call It Neurohop: Vol. One” LP of Caliber Music.

In May 2013, his first collaboration with Insom “Mind Connection” and “Mind Technologies. Vol. 3” by Mindtech is ready. In August, his first album “Parallel Consciousness” is released by Mindtech in CD. In December, “Reality” EP by Full Force Recordings and in February 2014, he returns to Caliber Music with “Fever” EP including “Hot n’ Hot” and “Fever”.

His latest solo release in April 2014 on Sinuous Records with the tracks “Forest Guide” and “The Illusionist” is highly appreciated in d&b community.After a while, he collaborated with Rregula, who made a remix of the track 'Luminous Thread', which was released on June. Meanwhile, he was making a remix of the track 'Commit' by Disphonia & Camelorg, which was released on October by SOM Music! 

In March 2015 Disprove made a Remix for the track 'It Don't Mean A Thing' and released on Caliber Music!

In June 30th 2017 his collaboration with Italian artist Akrom released by Mainframe Recordings. His next single ''Effulgence'' comes out in September via Optiv's label Red Light Records including two tracks: A. Effulgence / B. All The Same, while he won the ''Mayhem & Logam – Orion'' remix competition and it's released via Logam's label Santoku Records on October.

To this day, he has played music in many parties. While still experimenting with sounds he is currently working on musically experimental projects and planning his next release.

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