Mutated Forms (UK)

Mutated Forms began making music began as a hobby! Original members Alexander (Zub) and Artiom (AJ) started experimenting with different genres of electronic music using any and all software they could find.


They were then later joined by a third member Alex H, an experienced DJ who joined the crew in 2004 who left in 2014. Their big break came in 2006 when Formation Records DJ SS signed one of their tracks ‘My Feeling’ to his World Of Drum and Bass imprint. This was then followed by two singles Blue Magic and Green Aquarium, which catapulted the trios music further towards the mainstream, gaining the attention of several key tastemakers within the scene working also with the like ok Jenna G and collaborating with Netsky in addition to making an official remix for warner and Alesha Dixon.


This increased recognition lead to production and remix work on a number of labels between 2006 – 2008. Impressed by the quality and diversity of the music emerging from the Mutated studio a certain Twisted Individual signed several tracks to labels within his Grid Recordings stable, and in the early stages of 2009, after working on single projects for a couple of years Mutated Forms signed exclusively to the Grid Recordings group.


Their debut album Holograms was released in 2016 on Spearhead Records and previous releases saw them  release on Hospital, CIA, Med School.


Fast Forward to 2018 and their next EP is to be released on Spearhead with a track on Lifestyle recordings also in the works.

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