Manta (AT)

Salzburg based drum & bass artist Manta continues to push his personal boundaries with each release he’s using to build a growing reputation. Born from two professional musicians, he has used his early musical background to craft a level of production which reflects throughout every scrupulous track he’s released. After becoming inspired by the world of drum & bass, he turned his hand to being both a creator and DJ, releasing his first ‘No One’ EP in 2015 which saw his rise to notoriety.


Spinning behind the decks at Salzburg’s Breakfast-Crew parties, the
city became a platform for him to test out every track he’d spent time engineering in his studio. Following more releases on the likes of T3K Recordings and Mayan Audio, he’s risen to dizzying heights in recent years whilst studying to further his skills in Audio-Design in Vienna.

This journey has lead him to his latest releases on major labels like Bad Taste, ProgRam, Diascope and Mainframe Recordings, once again demonstrating his slick engineering.

Releases on:
Bad Taste (UK) ProgRam (UK)  Diascope (DE)  Mainframe (AT)
Red Light (UK)  Mayan Audio (UK) • T3K Recordings (DE)
Culture Assault (IT) Fresh (AUT)  Moshbit (AUT)


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