Lifesize MC (UK)

Professional Live MC/Vocalist for 12 years Lifesize MC can be seen taking his craft to the many stages live at festivals and nightclubs across Europe and the UK.


Having hosted sets for the likes of Tantrum Desire, LPlus, AMC, Insideinfo, State of Mind, Danny Byrd, Nicky Black Market, Tobax, TR Tactics, Dossa & Locussed to mention but a few, Lifesize MC has developed a versatile and intricate MC style which sees him becoming a household name within the DnB Scene having also been nominated for Best MC in the Czech DnB Awards 2016.


His background started with HipHop, learning to freestyle at a young age, Lifesize MC always brings new flavours and lyrical content to every stage, club or venue he performs at. Singing is also a passion of his, which sees him performing liquid DnB vocals and freestyle hiphop with his 2 live bands currently performing across the Czech Republic.

It’s fair to say that LifeSize MC brings something a little different to the MC package being a true freestyle mc and vocalist with an unrelenting love for Drum and Bass. His ability to know when and when not to MC is a key styling for the Prague based MC from the UK not to mention the double time, super sonic fire he brings to the microphone.


2017 was the turning point for Lifesize MC as he joined the Czech DnB Crew Drumbassterds Crew having been a resident of their legendary ‘Double Trouble night for almost a year. Then came a release and signing to Delta 9 records as LifeSize MC provided vocals for FX81:94 by Stoner & Dottor Poison. The track ‘Exhibit’ produced by Aveho was then released on Black Inferno Records USA and as if he wasn’t busy enough, Lifesize MC found the time to team up with Czech Based Label Empire Records for a host of new performances, shows and tracks in the pipeline. It doesn’t stop there with new tracks from Bad Taste, Santoku,  Kosen, Druid & Empire on this years release schedule.

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