Kisscut (UK)

Kisscut is a UK born neurofunk, tech and liquid DJ based in Prague. 

Over the last 8 years she has become renowned for her disgustingly hard-hitting dnb sets, that have seen her cause chaos on soundsystems all over the UK including the world famous Ministry of Sound, and across the seas to France, Spain, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Malta, Austria, Holland and more. 

She holds residencies with both Czech based agencies MethLab and Empire Recordings - as well as in her homeland with the Universal Drumz crew. 

In 2016 she founded the global movement known as Drum & Bass Express Girls, and in those 2 years the collective have ran takeovers all over Europe and received support from Dispatch Recordings, Addictive Behaviour, Darkstep Warrior, DnBPortal and music giant Mixcloud.

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